split hem sweaters


I’m digging the exaggerated split hem trend.  It makes me want to buy a second hand sweater and cut up the hem. I would carefully hand sew the edges to keep them from unraveling, of course.  I think it would make the sweater lay nicer on the hip.  And with a soft long sleeve tee underneath it would be warm, comfy and stylish.

Images. via Fringe Association / Tess Giberson / Suno / Derek Lam / Vintage Virtu on Etsy


My boys and I have cabin fever.  It has been too cold for too long.  This weekend I ignored my chores and focused instead on creating an activity that would keep us busy.

I stumbled upon the image below via Pinterest.  Apparently, what you see here are Paper Plant Character studies by Adam Frezza and Terri Chaio. I know, right. #genius

Frezza-Chiao_PaperPlantCharacterStudy_Composition2_700pxIt was just the inspiration we needed to dive into a project.

alum-plus-paper-macheWe started with wire hangers. We bent them by hand into plant like shapes and stuck them into foam.  Then we covered the wire with aluminum foil and then paper mache. We let the paper mache dry over night.  The next day we painted them.  It was that easy.


Designed and painted by our neighbor, Lucia (age 12)


Designed and painted by Douglas (Age 13)

This last one was a joint effort by me and Alex.  We plan to give it to Granny for Valentine’s Day.  Shhhhh.

paper-mache-plant-alex-and-meThis was our first attempt. We hope to make many more.  Well worth the little effort involved.

upcycled milk crates

This shipping crate sideboard (below) has been blogged about for years.  I’ve never heard anything more about it.  It doesn’t appear that it has ever been reproduced.  Too bad.  I love it.  According to Design Squish it was designed by Linda Jose.shipping-crate-drawerI just recently stumbled upon the up-cycled milk crate sideboard (below) on the Desire to Inspire blog. I would style it to be lighter and brighter than it is styled here but I love the concept. It doesn’t look the the milk crates hold anything which is too bad but it is a nice conversation piece and a handy sideboard.
upcycled milk crate sideboard
The best discovery from searching around for up-cycled milk crate furniture is that I stumbled upon Combo Colab and their XTOOL (below). You must watch their kickstarter campaign video.  Their campaign is fully funded and is now closed.  I LOVE this simple design. Great colors too. I’d love to have one of these as a side table or put two together to act as a coffee table. I hope they become available for purchase sometime soon.


xtool kid

upcycled milk crate furniture

And don’t even get me started on their truck-a-float project. 

Goodwill – Art for Everyone

I love a wall of art.  I love it best when it is a well curated mix of fine art, kid art, smallish bold graphic pieces and outsider art.

artwallThat is why I LOVE this event put on by Goodwill Industries of Northern New England.  It is a curated second-hand art sale in a beautiful old church.  The images below are examples of art that will be on sale this Friday – December 6th, from 5 to 8 pm in the beautiful Cathedral Church of St. Luke on 143 State Street in Portland, Maine.  You can read all about this event on the Goodwill of Northern New England website.

vintage paintingsI got the images above from this article in Maine Today.  Go and get some art!  “Proceeds from this fundraiser benefit Goodwill services across New England; helping people achieve personal stability, engage in the community, and create a more sustainable environment.”

artmixThis image above and the first image in this post can be found on my decorate Pinterest board with links back to the original source (sometimes).

Bill Withers – Use Me

I heard this recording of Use Me by Bill Withers when I was secondhand shopping today at Wear House.  Gawwhd!  It is beyond.  It is a celebration of life.  Especially this live performance.  The audience is part of the performance.  You need to listen to the whole thing.  Stop and listen.  And then if you have time watch this video of Ain’t No Sunshine. So good.