karen connell – seascapes

I love that I was totally fooled by this image.  I figured the photographer took this while standing knee deep in the ocean while it was raining.  Not so. Read below.

The seascapes are a series titled “Anywhere But Here”. The series consists of 436 different scenes.  The water is actually 1/8″ thick pieces of clear, vacuum-formed plastic.  The varied molded forms create the wave structure. The water color is created by placing layers of acetate underneath the plastic.  The coloring and sky are created with lights and backdrops.  The entire construction is eight inches square. I shot the scenes with a 35 mm camera using a macro lens.  I chose to shoot this small film size so that the image would be grainy when enlarged. The photograph then literally breaks down.  This is intended to reinforce the idea that the image is a simulation.  They have been shown singularly and as installations of between 1,113 and 2,712 images mounted to walls (each photo is 4″ x 6″).

by Karen Connell.

ty williams + rob kulisek

The work above is a collaboration between Ty Williams and Rob Kulisek. Ty Williams has a show up at 3S.  I bought a small hand drawing.  It is unique and humorous and casual. It makes me smile.  I plan to give it to my son Douglas.  You should really go to this show.  The art is the kind of art you see in those wicked cool Selby photo shoots of apartments in NYC.  Plus — the art is affordable.  Go.

progress on diane’s condo

We are making progress on Diane’s condo.  Here are some pieces we found.   The antique bureau is from the Goodwill in Dover, NH.  It has a a few nicks and it needs a good cleaning but otherwise it is a great solid piece.  I love it.  It cost $49.00 and it’s worth every penny.  We’d like to hang a round vintage mirror above it.  Something like these.  The vintage painting on top of the bureau was $19.00 at Savers.  it is such a great find.   My heart raced a little when I saw it.  I brought it into the dressing room with me because I was afraid someone would walk off with it.   The framed drawing and ceramic piece are also from Savers.  The drawing is in a good quality black wooden frame. We just need to open up the back and straighten the drawing.  The ceramic plant holder was only $4.99.  I’d like to put a jade plant inside it like this one.  The three legged stool is from ReEnhabit.  It was marked at $95.00 but they are having a 30% off summer sale so it was a good deal.  We also picked up a lovely mint green vintage blanket.  I forgot to take a picture of it so I just put a picture I stole from the internets as a place holder.  I’d like to work that sea foam green color in as an accent.  It goes well with wood tones and vintage whites.  That’s all for now.  xo jam

3S store gallery opening

I went to the Seed & Pulp print show at the 3S store gallery last night.  I wanted to show my support for 3S, maybe get a print and practice using my camera.  There was a great crowd there last night and I could see they sold a lot of prints.  I bought this one by Marion Jdanoff  for my son’s bedroom. I had to buy the framed one because they sold all the unframed prints.  A good problem to have for 3S.  I forced myself to take lots of pictures.  It takes some courage to point a camera at strangers.  I notice after looking at my pictures that I get a lot of the ceiling.  I think it partly has to do with my height and partly — I just need to turn the angle of my camera down a little more.  I hung out longer than I normally would.  I’m glad I did.  I saw some familiar faces and met some new people.  Fun.