artist curated book display – patrick healey

Look at this fun animated gif I made to help promote the Artist Curated Book Display program series at the library.  These 10 books were selected by Patrick Healey.  He is the featured artist for December 2012.  If you are a local yokel, you should try to come to his artist talk on Wednesday, December 12th at 7PM at the Portsmouth Public Library.  Patrick will talk about the path he has taken, what inspires him to create and why he continues to work as an artist.  Patrick is so fun.  I’m really looking forward to his talk.  I think it will be a fun casual event.  You should come.FINAL-PAT-HEALEY-ACBD-BOOK-450-wide-GIFI stole this gif idea from the JCrew 770 Behind the Line blog.  Neat, right.

Here are some examples of Patrick Healey’s artwork from his website.  Come and see his art in person on display at the library for the month of December.  It’s good to get up close and personal with art.



playing dress up

I dressed up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween. I really enjoyed creating this costume.  It was comfortable and relatively easy to put together.  Not everybody knew who I was supposed to be.  Some people thought I was the Chiquita banana lady.  But others knew immediately and gave me a knowing smile. It was like being “in” on an “inside joke” all day. 

I love Halloween because I love creating a costume.  It’s like a design challenge.  The picture below is from a belated work Christmas party — we celebrated in April.  We all got together at the library after closing and watched The King’s Speech and dined on British-y food.  The fine fellow with me is a former co-worker.  Fun, right?

All this talk of costumes makes me jealous of Cindy Sherman.  She is always playing dress-up.

karen connell – seascapes

I love that I was totally fooled by this image.  I figured the photographer took this while standing knee deep in the ocean while it was raining.  Not so. Read below.

The seascapes are a series titled “Anywhere But Here”. The series consists of 436 different scenes.  The water is actually 1/8″ thick pieces of clear, vacuum-formed plastic.  The varied molded forms create the wave structure. The water color is created by placing layers of acetate underneath the plastic.  The coloring and sky are created with lights and backdrops.  The entire construction is eight inches square. I shot the scenes with a 35 mm camera using a macro lens.  I chose to shoot this small film size so that the image would be grainy when enlarged. The photograph then literally breaks down.  This is intended to reinforce the idea that the image is a simulation.  They have been shown singularly and as installations of between 1,113 and 2,712 images mounted to walls (each photo is 4″ x 6″).

by Karen Connell.

ty williams + rob kulisek

The work above is a collaboration between Ty Williams and Rob Kulisek. Ty Williams has a show up at 3S.  I bought a small hand drawing.  It is unique and humorous and casual. It makes me smile.  I plan to give it to my son Douglas.  You should really go to this show.  The art is the kind of art you see in those wicked cool Selby photo shoots of apartments in NYC.  Plus — the art is affordable.  Go.