Strawbery Banke Museum – Thread Exhibition

I was invited to a special preview of the Thread Exhibition at the Strawbery Banke Musuem.  Wow!  It really takes you on a trip.  The lighting, the colors, the placement of all the items in the rooms allow you to really imagine life in those houses.  Look at the room above.  See how the light pours in onto the floor.  I can imagine the lady of the house just stepped out to shake the dirt off the bottom of her dress.  She’ll be back in a minute.  Have a seat.  And look at the dress above.  I can easily imagine the lady who wore it.  I anticipate that she will raise her arm and put her hand on the back of that chair.  The door behind her is ajar.  Who is in the other room?  Maybe a handsome gentleman.

See what I mean? —  It’s a trip.  I have many more pictures to share.  I will share more over the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.


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