concetta’s closet

OMG. I had the most fun today.  I visited Dana and her 100% vintage shop, Concetta’s Closet,  in Newmarket, NH.  Dana and I have never met before.  Surprising, given that we are both such big fans of vintage and we only live a couple of towns apart.  She and I are working together to make her blog as cute as her shop.  I’ll share the link to her updated blog when it is ready for prime time.  In exchange for my blog assistance Dana is going to lend me a dress for the Strawbery Banke Passion for Fashion Runway Gala on June 30th.  I’m so excited to wear something fabulous.  If ever there was an event for which to wear a fabulous vintage dress  — the gala is it.  I’ll post the dress of choice when the time comes.  So fun.

While I was at Dana’s shop her seamstress showed up to collect some items that need special care and mending.  In the picture above, Dana is the woman on the left and Dagney, the seamstress, is the woman on the right.   Dana speaks very highly of Dagney’s work.  Dagney does clothing design, dressmaking and alterations.  So if you need that sort of thing you can email her at

And if you need a fabulous vintage item, by all means, visit Concetta’s Closet on Main Street in Newmarket, NH or visit her Etsy shop.

Here is her updated blog.

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