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more classic, less quirky

I brought some stuff to Wear House today; some cute shoes I never wear and some fun vintage pieces.    There are so many styles I love but more and more I feel silly wearing loud vintage pieces.  Lately, I feel most comfortable in a pressed white dress shirt and either a black skirt or black dress pants.  That makes it sound boring but really it just feels classic and comfortable.  Maybe the pendulum will swing again and I will revert to quirky, but for now I want to focus on classic shapes and colors.

All the classic images are from my Pinterest boards.


  1. Helen

    you may be becoming “vintage classic” the best of both worlds——-

  2. Classic is always nice, but I’m a sucker for vintage, so I love to combine the two. I would love to see a better photo of the vintage item of clothing on the far right of the photo you took. I’m intrigued:)

    • The vintage in that picture is stuff I gave to the Wear House to hopefully sell so I can buy more classic pieces. :) I don’t know what has sold and what hasn’t but a trip to the Wear House is always worth it. Thanks for the blog visit and comment. Cheers! jam

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