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The Passion for Fashion Runway Gala was pretty fabulous.  I took hundreds and hundreds of photos, the large majority of which are just plain awful.  The photo above  happened to turn out okay.  I think this couple was the chicest of them all.  I would like to continue to  experiment with this kind of street style photography.  The greatest lesson I learned as a result of this event is to frame the picture without the camera in front of my face.  In almost every case I was too cowardly and/or too eager  to be done with taking the picture to properly set it up.  Also, my husband ( who is an occasional professional photographer) told me that people tense up as soon as you put the camera up to your eye.  It is best to keep the camera down near your shoulder until you have settled on the best angle.

This event rekindled the idea I had years ago of starting a Seacoast Sartorialist blog. I love “the” Sartorialist blog and would love to try to create my own home cooked  humble version to chronicle style on the Seacoast.  The photo below is one I took years ago.  I guess there are those that might disagree with me, but I think these guys have great style.   I would fall into the Bill Cunningham camp when it comes to appreciating style.  I am not interested in store bought style.  I want to see people making the best of what they’ve got.  I want to see an expression of individual style.

I can see why people get hooked on photography as a hobby.

UPDATE: Here is a link to some pictures of the event on seacoasatonline.


2 thoughts on “seacoast sartorialist

  1. Elaine July 3, 2012 / 2:02 pm

    Thanks for the Bill Cunningham link probably going to buy the DVD

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