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progress on diane’s condo

We are making progress on Diane’s condo.  Here are some pieces we found.   The antique bureau is from the Goodwill in Dover, NH.  It has a a few nicks and it needs a good cleaning but otherwise it is a great solid piece.  I love it.  It cost $49.00 and it’s worth every penny.  We’d like to hang a round vintage mirror above it.  Something like these.  The vintage painting on top of the bureau was $19.00 at Savers.  it is such a great find.   My heart raced a little when I saw it.  I brought it into the dressing room with me because I was afraid someone would walk off with it.   The framed drawing and ceramic piece are also from Savers.  The drawing is in a good quality black wooden frame. We just need to open up the back and straighten the drawing.  The ceramic plant holder was only $4.99.  I’d like to put a jade plant inside it like this one.  The three legged stool is from ReEnhabit.  It was marked at $95.00 but they are having a 30% off summer sale so it was a good deal.  We also picked up a lovely mint green vintage blanket.  I forgot to take a picture of it so I just put a picture I stole from the internets as a place holder.  I’d like to work that sea foam green color in as an accent.  It goes well with wood tones and vintage whites.  That’s all for now.  xo jam

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