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girl walk // all day

I went to the 3S Artspace Epic End of Summer Dance Party.  I wanted to challenge myself to take a decent picture in the dark.  I really admire night photography that captures mood — like this one.  I wasn’t very successful but I did learn some things not to do for next time.

The event was very cool.  I wished my sister was there so we could dance together.  What 3S did was project the AHmazing film Girl Walk // All Day on a big blow-up screen in the alley.  That film is incredible.  I can’t believe I had never seen or heard of it before.  My jaw was dropped for most of it.  I want to investigate the possibility of showing it during the 4th Annual Women’s Clothing Swap next spring.

The projector was on top of a car.  Gotta love that.

Here is a very short clip so you can get a sense of how cool this film is.

During the first screening people generally sat down and watched the film.  After it ended they played it a second time but instead of playing the sound for the film a DJ played a new mix of dance music.

When I got home my husband looked at my photographs with me and gave me pointers for next time.  I’d like to try to shoot the Portsmouth Halloween Parade next.

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