After Halloween my mind jumps to the next time I can dress up.  For me that’s New Year’s Eve.  Last year I wore pajamas and rhinestones. That was fun.  This year I want to wear a tutu.  A cross between something Carrie Bradshaw and Cyndi Lauper would wear.  I think I want a colorful tutu that goes to the knee.  I want to wear it with a vintage slub t-shirt or a slouchy sweatshirt —  with either sneakers or boots.  I know.  It could be a train wreck.

I like the simplicity of Carrie’s outfit.  A mint tutu with a super soft vintage T and blazer would be great, but I can’t wear heels.  That’s why I like the Cyndi Lauper influence. I need to be comfortable and warm.  My favorite part of New Year’s Eve is when I literally dance in the street.

There are lots of options available on Etsy.  The most affordable seem to be square dancing petticoats.  I’m tempted to make my own.  Could I buy an awful old wedding dress, tear out the underskirt and dye it?

From the top: >  Rag Rich Vintage Petticoat Crinoline Skirt > Cosmic Katie Robin Egg Blue Crinoline Skirt  > Paramount Vintage Red Crinoline Skirt  > ApartofmeAPOM Tulle Midi length skirt  > Fanfaronada tutus.

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