wardrobe colors = decorating colors

I keep thinking about this blog post over on Emily Henderson’s blog.  Basically, she suggests that the way to figure out a color palette with which to decorate your home is to look at your wardrobe.  What colors do you wear the most?  Don’t include black and white.  The colors I gravitate towards are neutrals — dusty grays and oatmeals.  Don’t get me wrong — I love a good pop of color or even a loud pattern occasionally, but for day-to-day wear I tend towards calming neutrals. Like these:


And when decorating I like the “base coat” for everything to be a soothing gray or creamy oatmeal. These like:


This wardrobe to decorating palette thing even translates for accent colors.  When I wear an accent color it is usually a vintage pumpkin, avocado or mustard.  I also do this when decorating.


Are your wardrobe and decorating color palettes the same?

All the images in this post are on my pinterest boards.

Do you know who Emily Henderson is? She won Design Star a while back and then she had her own show on HGTV called Secrets of a Stylist. I didn’t watch either of those when they aired but I have since watched some of the SOAS videos posted online.   My favorite episode is the one where she redecorates the living space for a young family into a Mad Men Bohemian style. So fun and chic.  Her blog is great too.

2 thoughts on “wardrobe colors = decorating colors

  1. Juls January 2, 2013 / 5:02 am

    Gray and brown are my favorite, deep blue, mustard. Nice post.


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