weekend intensives + online learning

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If you have been around me in the last week you’ve probably heard me sing the praises of Lynda.com.  I got a one month premium subscription from work so that I could create an Intro to iMovie class at the Portsmouth Public Library for February 2012.  The quality of the instructional videos and how they are organized is remarkable.  You should sign up for a free trial or get your company to give you gift subscription.  I did a a little bit of googling and found out that libraries and universities are starting to purchase subscriptions for their patrons/students.  #genius

I used to have reservations about online learning.  I guess I still do, but as the quality of online learning improves and as I realize more and more that my life will never allow for the time and money required to take traditional college courses — online learning becomes more and more attractive.

The other kind of learning that I am attracted to is weekend intensives.  You may know if you read my blog regularly that I went to the blogshop weekend intensive in December 2011.  I’ve also attended the last couple of TEDx events in Maine.  I’m thinking of possibly taking a photography/video workshop this Spring in Maine.  I’m looking into Maine Media Workshops and Rocky Mountain School of Photography. RMSP offers a  photo weekend workshop in March.

Online learning and weekend intensives fit into my budget and my lifestyle.

This has nothing to do with sustainable style.

And yes the Breakfast icons also have nothing to do with sustainable style.  They are from the Noun Project.  You can learn more about them here.  I found out about them via Swiss Miss. (The Noun Project site was down when I wrote this but it may be up when you try the link)

Oh and here is a video on the New York Times website about the growth in online learning.


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