Megan Stelzer Metalworks

Over the last several months my son Alex has expressed an interest in jewelry design. On his own he has sketched out ideas in his notebook and talked about creating jewelry for his Granny.  I wanted to help feed his curiosity so I asked Megan Stelzer, a local jewelry designer, if she wouldn’t mind giving my son a lesson in metal work. I was delighted when she said yes. Megan is gentle and wise, patient and kind. She has exactly the kind of energy you want around kids who are trying to find their way.

alex and megan

Alex ended up having three lessons with Megan. In each lesson he made a pair of earrings. The first pair he gave to Granny. The second pair was for his Auntie Diane, and the last pair (I hope) are for me.

I didn’t stick around for the lessons so I don’t know for sure what Alex learned, but I do know that in the final lesson Alex got to rummage through a box of metal scraps. Alex found five similarly shaped metal pieces. Megan helped Alex realize his design concept (seen below). One earring is intentionally left longer than the other.


I am someone who appreciates when things are a little off, and I love designs that make use of scraps.  Alex refuses to say if these earrings are for me. I’m crossing my fingers that I will find them under our holiday tree-pee on Christmas morning with my name on them.

If you are not already convinced at how kind and generous Megan is, this will surely convince you. Megan has designed “Pennies for Poverty” earrings.  ALL of the profits (80% of the proceeds) go to two poverty-fighting organizations, and Don’t you just love this concept? And look at these earrings. So raw and beautiful.


Megan has a studio in the Button Factory. Back behind her studio are working train tracks. She is literally placing donated coins on the tracks to be flattened by passing trains.


Below is a pair of penny earrings that caught my eye in her studio. I love the imperfections.


She is offering several styles.
– Small copper on larger silver
– Small silver on larger copper
– Small copper on larger (and darker) copper
For more details visit her Etsy page.


If you are someone that needs to touch something before you buy it then you should know that Megan will be selling these and her other designs at these upcoming craft shows.

Craft Fix –  Sunday, Nov. 30th from 10am-5pm at Buoy
Button Factory Open Studios – Dec 6 & 7 from 11am-5pm
Picnic Holiday Sale – Sunday Dec. 14 11am-6pm in Portland, ME

Buy a pair (or two) and show your support in the fight to end poverty.

xo jam

One thought on “Megan Stelzer Metalworks

  1. Susan November 16, 2014 / 8:04 pm

    Gorgeous photos! Unique and special earrings! Love this post. Thank you.

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