Pajama Trend

gucci pajamas
Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 by Tommy Ton

The Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 collection has me convinced that the pajama trend is worth revisiting. I feel re-inspired to wear vintage men’s pajamas for holiday parties and/or New Year’s Eve.

>> First step: Search Etsy for vintage pajamas.

The set below is maybe my favorite pair so far. It has a great noisy pattern in nice dark tones. If you plan to wear pajamas to a party I think it is best to stick with darker tones. Lighter tones, like pale blue, may make you look like you wandered out of a hospital ward.

Tickle and Finch on Etsy
TickleAndFinch on Etsy

I love this next pair too. The stripes remind me of British fashion, like something Vivienne Westwood would design, and the pockets are perfection.

Black Bird Antiques
BlackbirdAntiquesNC on Etsy

If you have trouble finding a pair of vintage men’s pajamas that you love, do a search for vintage robes instead. They are much easier to find. Wear a robe over slacks or as a wrap dress with heels.

Gucci on left. Paul Smith on right.

Elevate the look with sculpted hair, classic make-up, and statement jewelry. Right now I’m inspired by Zosia Mamet’s look in this Kate Spade short video.

>> Final Step: Recognize that fashion can be fun and have a blast!

xo jam


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