MAR 2021 :: Upcycled Shirt Dress

This is the third blog post in my 2021 Sewing Plans blog series. Click here to see the video where I share my inspiration for each month. My March project was to create a shirt dress from upcycled dress shirts. Below is my collage of inspiration. For this project, I was most inspired by Rentrayage and Bettina Bakdal.

The images above are taken from my Pinterest account.

I shared my progress in my Instagram stories. Check out the MAR highlight for more photos.

I found the three shirts above at local thrift shops. Green is probably my favorite color so I was glad to include a green shirt. The peach shirt is a women’s vintage shirt and it felt like a nice contrast to the men’s striped shirts — HOWEVER — it wasn’t until I was fully committed to these shirts that I was reminded that men’s and women’s shirts have buttons on different sides! WHY BTW? That made things more complicated then they needed to be.

This was yet another project where I learned a lot through trial and error. I would like to revisit this project when I have more time. I’d like to try this again with just two shirts instead of three.

What I learned on this project

  • Remember — men’s and women’s shirts have buttons on different sides!
  • Collars are a whole thing. I sewed both sides of the tops together and then folded the collar down and the seam was on the outside of the collar! I had to resew it.
  • The two things that helped me through this challenging project were — the encouragement of friends and my self imposed deadline. Those sound like not important things but if you are a manager or a teacher — I think they are good things to remember.

    xoxo recovergirl

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