MAY 2021 :: Wrap Pants

This is the fifth blog post in my 2021 Sewing Plans blog series. Click here to see the video where I share my inspiration for each month. My May project was to create Wrap Pants. I love wrap dressing because it can grow or shrink with your body. I also appreciate the feeling of wrap dressing — like an apron that hugs you but doesn’t feel constrictive.

Below are images from my Wrap Pants Pinterest board. I love the casual yet sophisticated nature of these pants. I particularly love the black pair by Center For Cosmic Wonder. I think all but the jean pair could be dressed up or down. Watch the video below for tips on how to style wrap pants.

I shared my progress in my Instagram stories. Check out the MAY highlight for process videos and photos.

What I learned on this project:

From now on when I’m sewing something complicated like this — without a pattern –that I’ve never done before — I’m going to start referring to these pieces as prototypes. It helps me to reframe the results as a success. Instead of thinking that I made pants that didn’t meet my expectations, I’m going say to myself — ” I designed and finished a prototype!” ๐Ÿ™‚

xoxo recovergirl

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