Spring 2016 Style Inspiration

vintage Flax shirt / skirt via Heist (sold out)

The things I want to wear for spring and summer are so basic they hardly seem worthy of a post. I just want to wear linen t-shirts and skirts.


I’ll continue to carry my oversized rattan bag. It’s great for carrying library books and that extra cashmere sweater that you need when the AC is too high.

Connected Artisans

I want to work a giant silk scarf into my spring/summer wardrobe. I’m inspired by Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre. [say that 10x fast] I attempted to make something like this once already. It came out horrible, but I’m willing to try again. Who is up for another #portcitydye?



I’m not going to pretend I can wear anything but a sensible shoe. I stand at work and I like to go for walks. I think a pair of  Teva sandals in a pale color would look good.


For days off I’ll throw on some cropped jeans. I recommend going directly to the men’s section at thrift stores. You’ll have more luck finding well-worn high-waisted Wranglers and Lees.

I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to Jean Fringe.


I cut my hair a little shorter than I love so for the time being I’m going to sport a Victoria Beckham knot or a short pony. I realize how insignificant that sounds.

I think that covers it. What are you wearing for Spring and Summer?
xo jam

Wrap Pants

I’ve already proclaimed my love for wrap dresses but lately I’m dreaming of wrap pants as well.  It started with Thai fisherman pants. They seem like such a cute idea as a quick cover-up over a bathing suit, or just something easy to wear with a t-shirt and some flip flops.


Origami pants by State the Label


I like how the mom behind Style Like U wears hers as high waisted pants.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.03.29 PM

The video below offers great style tips. #watchandlearnpeople

I’m currently watching The Fashion Fund web series on Amazon. In the most recent episode, Baja East presents a pair of asymmetrical pants that look amazing. I can’t find an image online that captures what they look like when they move, but here is an image from Style.com that kinda translates.


That episode sent me right to Pinterest and Etsy to see what else I could find in the way of wrap pants. I found these pants by Eileen Fisher on Pinterest. I like them but they are almost too minimalist. Too clean.


What sent me over the edge was these pants below made by Aakasha on Etsy. These are pants that I could live in. I could easily dress these up with slingback kitten heels and a blouse, or dress them down with a well-loved t-shirt and some sneakers.


What do you think? Would you be caught dead in wrap pants?

xo jam