Way back in 2005, before I started blogging and before Pinterest was on the scene — I kept an Idea book.  I cut and taped images and recipes into a journal.  While cleaning my craft room today, I came across three discs with scans of my entire 2005 Idea book.  Below is a collage of snippets from that journal.  And below that are links to three pdfs that include the scans of the entire journal.  Enjoy.


2005 Idea Book Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


We have a small grill that we use quite often throughout the year.  We could use a sturdy outdoor shelf for it.  I actually like the idea of this up-cycled tailgate as a grill shelf.  It is big enough to allow for our small grill plus room for utensils and platters.   There is room on the wall of our shed that would allow for it. What do you think?  Is it bad?  What if I painted it a vintage mustardy color?

dodge ram shelfI like that it folds up out of the way when not is use.  I can’t find the source of this image.  I found it on Pinterest but when I click the link it does not take me to the original source.