handmade playclothes

playclothes from vintage slips

Forgive this collection of bad old photographs.  I just found this image in an old file.  I don’t have the heart to look for the originals.  This was my attempt to make play clothes for my nieces. I bought up old slips and added stretchable straps on top so they could be worn as dresses.  I sewed doilies onto the slip on the bottom right to cover up stains.  I wish I had tried to hand dye that one.  That might have looked fun.  The pale pink one on the top right was a longish slip. I sewed folds into it to give it volume and to make it short enough for a little girl to wear as a playclothes skirt.  I’m in the mood to alter clothing.  Take a look at my upcycle inspo board on Pinterest for more upcycling inspiration.

playing dress up

I dressed up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween. I really enjoyed creating this costume.  It was comfortable and relatively easy to put together.  Not everybody knew who I was supposed to be.  Some people thought I was the Chiquita banana lady.  But others knew immediately and gave me a knowing smile. It was like being “in” on an “inside joke” all day. 

I love Halloween because I love creating a costume.  It’s like a design challenge.  The picture below is from a belated work Christmas party — we celebrated in April.  We all got together at the library after closing and watched The King’s Speech and dined on British-y food.  The fine fellow with me is a former co-worker.  Fun, right?

All this talk of costumes makes me jealous of Cindy Sherman.  She is always playing dress-up.