Wrap Pants

I’ve already proclaimed my love for wrap dresses but lately I’m dreaming of wrap pants as well.  It started with Thai fisherman pants. They seem like such a cute idea as a quick cover-up over a bathing suit, or just something easy to wear with a t-shirt and some flip flops.


Origami pants by State the Label


I like how the mom behind Style Like U wears hers as high waisted pants.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.03.29 PM

The video below offers great style tips. #watchandlearnpeople

I’m currently watching The Fashion Fund web series on Amazon. In the most recent episode, Baja East presents a pair of asymmetrical pants that look amazing. I can’t find an image online that captures what they look like when they move, but here is an image from Style.com that kinda translates.


That episode sent me right to Pinterest and Etsy to see what else I could find in the way of wrap pants. I found these pants by Eileen Fisher on Pinterest. I like them but they are almost too minimalist. Too clean.


What sent me over the edge was these pants below made by Aakasha on Etsy. These are pants that I could live in. I could easily dress these up with slingback kitten heels and a blouse, or dress them down with a well-loved t-shirt and some sneakers.


What do you think? Would you be caught dead in wrap pants?

xo jam


Spring 2015 Style Inspiration

My Spring 2015 Style Inspiration – Head to Toe.

I like my hair long but it’s always getting in my way. It gets caught in my coat zipper or creeps into my mouth. I’d like to try wearing braids in a decorative but also utilitarian way.  I like this style below because it is unusual and if worn in the right way could work for an older woman like myself. Also, I think braids could allow me to skip a day of shampooing. They might look even cuter when they are a little messy.

braided-up-doJane Eyre / Carine ThevenauHolly Hunter in Piano

I’m not big on jewelry. I literally wore the same earrings for like 10 years. I lost the back to one and basically haven’t worn earrings since. I might get a pair of these minimalist earrings by Erica Weiner.  “These hoop earrings have no posts to spike you and no backs to lose, — wear them day in and day out, to bed, and in the shower.” I’ll probably end up wearing these for like the next ten years.  

earringsErica Weiner

I’ll continue to wear white button-down shirts for work. A nicely pressed white button-down always feels right.

J Crew has me thinking that I should add a classic white polo to my wardrobe. It won’t be easy to find one I like. Polo shirts made for women are too body conscious and too short for my taste. I’ll look at secondhand x-tra small men’s polo shirts and/or J Crew polo shirts for boys. Size 16 might fit.

tops-workPlumo / Husband Catalog

It’s easy to find black dress pants at Goodwill and Savers. Ones with pleats might be good. I’ll hem them too short so they will look odd in a good way. I’m starting to think that “odd in a good way” should be my blog tagline. Midi skirts are my favorite. I found a great Eileen Fisher skirt and black wrap dress at Wear House. They will be my staples. I know this looks winter-y but Spring in New England just means you don’t have to wear a coat, mittens and a hat. 🙂

black-work-bottomsLa Garçonne Moderne / Need Supply

On my days off I’ll wear black t-shirts with black jeans or a super soft chambray shirt with vintage blue jeans. Everlane has a great looking black t-shirt. I like their mission too.

day-off-wear-2015Heist / Magic Surrounds

I’d like to add a minimalist style cross body fanny pack to my wardrobe. Something that will hold my phone and wallet and not much else. I absolutely love these Christina Fisher bum bags but at $430 they are way way out of my price range. I will search Etsy and local thrift stores for a fanny pack that might work in a similar way.

cf-bagsChristina Fisher

A word about sweatshirts. Love. Death by Elocution says it best, “Baggy sweatshirts, all day errrday.”

gray sweatshirtvia Death by Elocution

The Utopia sweatshirt by Carleen is beyond. It is a “perfectly-worn vintage heather grey sweatshirt with a hand crocheted panel sewn to the front” You can choose your own word (must be 7 letters or less).

Car-Slow-Fvia Mr. Larkin

I love shoes but I can’t get too creative with them. I work on my feet so I must wear supportive comfortable shoes. These Naot shoes have served me well.

naotNaot on Zappos

For days off I’d like to wear a fun athletic slide. Maybe with a sock to make it look ….say it with me…. “odd in a good way.” This image below is from Ryan Roche’s Instagram account. I love her style. You should follow her.

ryan roche instagramRyan Roche

all for now
xo jam

Knot Bag

I follow Elizabeth Suzanne on Instagram. I love her work. Recently, she introduced a line of leather knot bags. They are absolutely stunning! Click on the images below to be taken to her website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 8.20.32 PM  Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 8.19.25 PM

The simplicity of the bag design is part of what I love about it. I googled around a little bit. It looks like the knot bag is an old Japanese design. Maybe you already knew that. It is so simple and awesome.  The bag below is one I found through Pinterest. I like that it is a cross body option. Click on the image below to be taken to the source.

long strap japanese knot bag

I’m tempted to try to make a cross body knot bag with dyed fabric. Right? It could be good. Or it could be a total hack job. I’ll keep you posted.

You can follow “Japanese Knot Bag” on Pinterest by clicking HERE.