clear eye photo – newcastle, nh

Last night I went to the Writers on a New England Stage event at the Music HallChris Cleave was the featured author.  The event was fabulous.  Chris Cleave is … inspiration!  My friend and I had VIP backstage passes following the reading and on-stage interview.  I bumped into a photographer that I remember seeing at the Passion for Fashion event at Strawbery Banke.  I have since learned that he is David Murray of Clear Eye Photo.  He remembered me and said he had a picture of me and my sister from that event on his website.  He gave me permission to post it here.  You have to go see the other pictures he took of the event.  So FABulous!

BTW I also got to meet Virginia Prescott of NHPR’s Word of Mouth.  She interviewed Chris Cleave on-stage following his reading.  The interview was taped for NHPR and will air on Saturday with the podcast to follow.  I highly recommend it.

seacoast sartorialist

The Passion for Fashion Runway Gala was pretty fabulous.  I took hundreds and hundreds of photos, the large majority of which are just plain awful.  The photo above  happened to turn out okay.  I think this couple was the chicest of them all.  I would like to continue to  experiment with this kind of street style photography.  The greatest lesson I learned as a result of this event is to frame the picture without the camera in front of my face.  In almost every case I was too cowardly and/or too eager  to be done with taking the picture to properly set it up.  Also, my husband ( who is an occasional professional photographer) told me that people tense up as soon as you put the camera up to your eye.  It is best to keep the camera down near your shoulder until you have settled on the best angle.

This event rekindled the idea I had years ago of starting a Seacoast Sartorialist blog. I love “the” Sartorialist blog and would love to try to create my own home cooked  humble version to chronicle style on the Seacoast.  The photo below is one I took years ago.  I guess there are those that might disagree with me, but I think these guys have great style.   I would fall into the Bill Cunningham camp when it comes to appreciating style.  I am not interested in store bought style.  I want to see people making the best of what they’ve got.  I want to see an expression of individual style.

I can see why people get hooked on photography as a hobby.

UPDATE: Here is a link to some pictures of the event on seacoasatonline.

strawbery banke museum

The Strawbery Banke Thread Runway show is this coming Saturday (June 30).  Thinking about it made me want to go look at some of the pictures I took at the preview back in May.  Here are just a few.

The plaque says (if you can’t read it) that this empire-waist gown was worn by Miss Rachel Morgan at her wedding in Philadelphia, ca 1810.

I don’t remember the details about this room.  I just loved the colors and silhouettes.

This was my favorite room of all.  I’m so mad at myself for not getting a better picture of it.  If you click on the image you can see a slightly bigger version.  I love the carpet, the wall paper and the trim color.  I love the dark wood with the unadorned white textiles.  This room is for a woman who is independent and creative.