Maine Airbnb Roundup

Unique charm on a small private farm

As a mom, I spend a lot of time planning summer activities for my family, specifically my two boys. If I could choose a vacation for myself it would be very different. Here is a roundup of Airbnb rentals in Maine that I would go to on my own, or with just with one other person, like my husband or a girlfriend.

⇓ Handbuilt cabin overlooking pond ⇓

⇓ Exquisitely Modern Country Cottage ⇓

Rustic, cozy vintage Maine trailer

Waterfront bunkhouse at Long Point 

Frye Mountain Camp ⇓

The Sunhouse ⇓
Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.09.19 AM

Sun-filled old farmhouse meets loft 

Check out the stairway wall in this house.

Which is your favorite? I think I’d go with the handbuilt cabin overlooking the pond or the Sunhouse. Those hammocks are calling me.

xo jam

Spring 2016 Style Inspiration

vintage Flax shirt / skirt via Heist (sold out)

The things I want to wear for spring and summer are so basic they hardly seem worthy of a post. I just want to wear linen t-shirts and skirts.


I’ll continue to carry my oversized rattan bag. It’s great for carrying library books and that extra cashmere sweater that you need when the AC is too high.

Connected Artisans

I want to work a giant silk scarf into my spring/summer wardrobe. I’m inspired by Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre. [say that 10x fast] I attempted to make something like this once already. It came out horrible, but I’m willing to try again. Who is up for another #portcitydye?



I’m not going to pretend I can wear anything but a sensible shoe. I stand at work and I like to go for walks. I think a pair of  Teva sandals in a pale color would look good.


For days off I’ll throw on some cropped jeans. I recommend going directly to the men’s section at thrift stores. You’ll have more luck finding well-worn high-waisted Wranglers and Lees.

I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to Jean Fringe.


I cut my hair a little shorter than I love so for the time being I’m going to sport a Victoria Beckham knot or a short pony. I realize how insignificant that sounds.

I think that covers it. What are you wearing for Spring and Summer?
xo jam

Sustainable Shopping: New + Old

I did a little shopping this morning before I even got out of bed. Saturday mornings I drink coffee in bed and read blogs and peruse my Pinterest account. I rarely buy new items. My wardrobe is almost entirely secondhand (except for shoes and undergarments), but this morning I was inspired (by the sale price) to buy something special. I bought this Coralscape dress by Nancybird.  I learned about it via Miss Moss. nancybird-ss15-01

dress backIt looks comfortable and chic.  I could wear it to either the Corey Daniels art opening on May 30th or the Patrick Healey Opening Reception on Sunday June 14th, or both. When buying something new I think it is a good sign when I can see myself wearing it in 10 years. With this particular piece, I can see a young woman buying it in 20 years when I bring it to a consignment shop.

I also got this vintage cotton wrap dress from Etsy. It was only $38 bucks.  It’s the perfect thing to throw over my Minnow Bathers swim suit. I’ll wear it with a vintage straw hat and granny sandals. The hat below is by Rachel Comey. The sandals are vintage SAS.


What do you wear to art openings and on lazy summer days? xo jam