South Track

An Open Letter to Portsmouth, NH

Dear Portsmouth, NH,

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place to run or take brisk walks safely in or around downtown? A place for parents with kids to walk with a stroller. A place for city workers to run after work. A place that is well-lit at night and clear in the aftermath of snowstorms so runners don’t have to run on unsafe roads.




Jennifer Moore

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Sustainable Style Wedding

diane-looking-like-a-rock-starMy sister is getting married! She is 52 and he is 50 something. It is the first marriage for each of them. My sister first noticed him while on a group hike in the White Mountains. A lady in the group fell and he was the first to offer her assistance. Sweet, right.

My sister is letting me help her style the wedding. The groom is happy to let us take control of the style of the wedding. He is in charge of getting the marriage license and something involving a bicycle built for two. :)

Let’s start with the dress. Both Diane and I love vintage. The dress below is one that I really love but Diane doesn’t. It is harder than I thought it would be to find a vintage wedding dress. So many of them were designed for a young bride. Diane wants something that is modest and simple and appropriate for her age.


Dalena Vintage on ETSY

There are three bridesmaids in the wedding. We will all wear jewel tones. I’m leaning towards emerald.

emerald dress

Off Broadway Vintage on ETSY

My dress choice depends on Diane’s dress choice. If she goes with a long sophisticated dress I’ll wear something glamorous like the dress above. If she wears something summery and short or tea length, I might wear something like this dress below.

short green bm dress

Dethrose Vintage on ETSY

old as adam suitI think I will even get to style the groom. I hope to take him to Old as Adam in Portsmouth, NH. Something like this blue suit to the left (without the vest) would be just the thing. I think he would feel himself and Diane would find him British-y handsome.

The wedding ceremony will be held outside with a view of the White Mountains. The reception is in a brookside bistro. Diane wants, as much as possible, for the day to be stress free. She wants the day to be easy and fun. The bridesmaids will carry baby’s breath. The tables will be decorated with rosemary.


The images above are from my Big Day Pinterest board. Click on the image to be taken to the source.

That’s all for now. More details later. xo jam

Folded Pony + Ultra Low Pony

On my blog I deal with very important issues, like ponytails.ULTRA-LOW-AND-FOLDED-PONYMore and more I appreciate minimalist style. Did you see the most recent runway show from The Row? It is probably my favorite runway show of the season. I like the hair that goes with this minimalist style. Simple. Clean. Undone.

That is all.

The images above are from my hair brained pinboard.