I am so inspired by Community of Athens, Georgia.  I found out about them through Pinterest but it looks like word is spreading quickly about them because of an article in the  New York Times about the city of Athens, Georgia.

COMMUNITY-SHOP-450This is how they describe themselves on their website: Community is a boutique centered around the concept of sustainability without the sacrifice of style.  Opened in 2010 by Sanni Baumgärtner, Community seeks to bring chic clothing to our clients while encouraging them to buy locally and sustainably.  Community Service is our in-house brand of redesigned vintage clothing. Designed by owner Sanni Baumgärtner as a way to merge vintage fabrics and designs with current fashion.”

community-service-athens-georgia-collageI especially love this Denim revamp event they hosted.  What a great way to bring the community together and promote sustainable style.

denim-revamp-day-450-wideThe images above were taken from the Community website and  Community Facebook page.  They are also on Twitter and Pinterest.  Now that’s what I call Community Service! <someone had to say it>