daydreaming about ….. a vintage camper park

Today I returned home from a family reunion that was held up in northern New Hampshire.  I had a really good time but I can’t say I loved the place we stayed. . It was very …. ski lodge-y — overbuilt and over decorated.   It got me to daydreaming about creating a place to hold family reunions that would be aesthetically pleasing to my eye.  I started daydreaming out loud with my husband about running a yurt camp.  He came up with an even better idea.  He suggested we make a little village of vintage campers.   I realize this has been done before.  The images above are from El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas.  I absolutely love the look of this place and hope that I will be able to visit it one day.  I would love to recreate something this cool on Old Post Road in Kittery, Maine.  We could buy up vintage campers that don’t run anymore.  We could add porches,  outdoor showers, a clothes line and  vintage or up-cycled outdoor furniture.  It would need a common area with a grill for family gatherings.  It would be simple and clean and lovely.  Imagine the D.I.Y weddings you could hold at a place like this.

My uncle has a saying — “You know how to create a million dollar business?” — Start with two million.

I need two million. xo