chases-garageI went to the CHASES GARAGE Open Studios last night.  Very welcoming and inspiring.  They offer memberships in their PRINTMAKING and CERAMICS studios.  Makerspaces rule! They happen to be firing ceramics in the back yard when I arrived.  I don’t know anything about this process but it sure looks cool.



I am attracted to the work of Alyssa Grenning.  She was not in her studio and I didn’t want to take any close-up photos of her work without her permission so I just snapped this photo below.  You can see more of her work on her website. Right.


Also loving — Ashley Norman.  Her studio is like candy. Love her sense of color and balance.  Her studio was crowded so I just took a picture of her photo display in the gallery space.  She has a blog you should follow.


Allison May Kiphuth creates miniature dioramas in vintage boxes.  The image below is taken from her webpage on the Chases Garage website.


The one piece that I saw that really engaged me was something Allison created with found objects.  Allison created a mobile with the orphan hands of vintage clocks.  She tied them with string onto a vintage saw blade. Although I didn’t ask — I’m quite sure this piece is not for sale.  Too precious.

Allison-May-Kiphuthxo jam

artist curated book display – patrick healey

Look at this fun animated gif I made to help promote the Artist Curated Book Display program series at the library.  These 10 books were selected by Patrick Healey.  He is the featured artist for December 2012.  If you are a local yokel, you should try to come to his artist talk on Wednesday, December 12th at 7PM at the Portsmouth Public Library.  Patrick will talk about the path he has taken, what inspires him to create and why he continues to work as an artist.  Patrick is so fun.  I’m really looking forward to his talk.  I think it will be a fun casual event.  You should come.FINAL-PAT-HEALEY-ACBD-BOOK-450-wide-GIFI stole this gif idea from the JCrew 770 Behind the Line blog.  Neat, right.

Here are some examples of Patrick Healey’s artwork from his website.  Come and see his art in person on display at the library for the month of December.  It’s good to get up close and personal with art.