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Pajama Trend

gucci pajamas

Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 by Tommy Ton

The Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 collection has me convinced that the pajama trend is worth revisiting. I feel re-inspired to wear vintage men’s pajamas for holiday parties and/or New Year’s Eve.

>> First step: Search Etsy for vintage pajamas.

The set below is maybe my favorite pair so far. It has a great noisy pattern in nice dark tones. If you plan to wear pajamas to a party I think it is best to stick with darker tones. Lighter tones, like pale blue, may make you look like you wandered out of a hospital ward.

Tickle and Finch on Etsy

TickleAndFinch on Etsy

I love this next pair too. The stripes remind me of British fashion, like something Vivienne Westwood would design, and the pockets are perfection.

Black Bird Antiques

BlackbirdAntiquesNC on Etsy

If you have trouble finding a pair of vintage men’s pajamas that you love, do a search for vintage robes instead. They are much easier to find. Wear a robe over slacks or as a wrap dress with heels.


Gucci on left. Paul Smith on right.

Elevate the look with sculpted hair, classic make-up, and statement jewelry. Right now I’m inspired by Zosia Mamet’s look in this Kate Spade short video.

>> Final Step: Recognize that fashion can be fun and have a blast!

xo jam

5 Ideas I will steal from Remodelista


This morning over coffee I looked through this Remodelista book. It is full of gorgeous ideas. Below are the 5 ideas I hope to steal from this book. The images below are not from this book. They are images I found on the internets. If you click on the image you will be taken to the source.

>> Dan Flavin Inspired Lighting

CCS Bard College , photos by chris kendall

CCS Bard College , photos by Chris Kendall

On page 73 of Remodelista is an example of using Dan Flavin inspired lighting in the angle where the ceiling meets the wall. It’s a high ceiling and the materials are raw. It works. Perhaps I could use this in the basement where I perform large messy craft projects. It is such a delightful surprise.

>> Trompe L’Oeil Runner


The only set of stairs in my house are to the basement but they are a fabulous set of old homemade stairs. Many of the steps are worn and rounded from so many years of use. It would be fun to paint the whole thing pale gray and give it a trompe l’oeil runner in a pop color like this green. And why not add this spill landing as seen above? I know, right.


>> Store Cutlery in  Mason Jar

I’ve actually seen this done in restaurants but I didn’t think to do this at home until I saw it in Remodelista. Now the cutlery is always on the dining room table where we need it.


>> Clipboards as Bulletin Boards

clipboards-on-wallThere is space just above our family desk to mount two clip boards, one for each of my boys. It would be a good place to hang important school forms.


>> Splatter Painted Floors


I have yet to update my kitchen. We tore up the hideous linoleum because a dirty bare floor was an improvement. It could be a decade before we can update my kitchen so in the meantime I think I will splatter paint the floor. Remodelista has a nice post about New England splatter-painted floors.  

This book is a Portsmouth Public Library book. If you are a member, you can place a hold on it here. xo jam

The Mock Neck

I’m rooting for the mock neck. The little turtleneck that could. I first started thinking about it because I saw it worn in the trailer for Love & Mercy. Then I saw Felicity Jones wear one as Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything. There is something about where it hits on the neck that makes it like nothing else.  #oddinagoodway

vintage mock neck images

To find sources for these individual images, go to my turtleneck Pinterest board by clicking on the collage above.

If you Google around you will find that that there are a few designers that are making updated mock turtlenecks. Everlane is making one that looks pretty cool. But of course you know I need to go secondhand when I can. I just got the vintage mock neck pictured below on Etsy for 29.99. I love the color and the zipper back. I think it will fit nicely in my librarian chic wardrobe.

Vintage Mock Neck

Images via Ghost Vintage Clothing on Etsy. Click on the image above to be taken to her Etsy shop.

xo jam

Consignment Frames @ Eyelook Optical – Portsmouth, NH

A quick post to let Seacoast locals know that Eyelook Optical in Portsmouth, NH now sells eyeglass frames on consignment.


I am so happy to help spread the word about another option for recycling goods on the Seacoast. If you are an existing customer of Eye Look Optical you may bring in your gently worn frames/sunglasses for consignment. They will professionally clean the frames, remove the lenses, and determine a sale price. After six months, if your frames do not sell, you are given the option to either reduce the sale price, take them back, or donate them to the Lions Club.

As is noted above, you can get store credit or cash if your frames are sold. Eyelook Optical donates their share of the sale to support ALS research.

The shop owner told me that sales of the used frames has been good. I’m not surprised. It’s a great way to save money and get a quality pair of glasses. I brought in 5 of my old frames today. Four of my frames are shown above. To learn more about Eyelook Optical visit their Facebook page.

Looking to the Older Kids

Have you ever seen this video of Rachel Comey on the New York Times website? You need to watch it. I saw it a while ago and I keep remembering how, when she was a kid growing up in Connecticut, she looked up to the teenagers that lived next store. In a funny way I feel like I am doing something similar. I’m looking up to older women for style inspiration.

If you do a search for style for women over 40 in Pinterest you get some pretty boring stuff. I wasn’t finding anything that resonated with me so I kept searching. I started finding older women that were really having fun with fashion. Your mind is probably going directly to Iris Apfel and Advanced Style, but I have to say that isn’t what is inspiring me. I appreciate that over-the-top style, but it isn’t me. Also, I’m a working mom. I need a somewhat sensible wardrobe.

No, lately, I’m inspired by one woman in particular, and I’ve been stalking her on the internet ever since I first learned about her.

Meet Lucinda Chambers. She is the fashion director at British Vogue. What I love about her style is that she looks chic, confident, and comfortable. She looks like she is having fun with fashion in her own unique way. And she is aging with style and grace.


From her ensembles above I am inspired to:

  • look for pencil skirts that have a bold pattern
  • wear a belt over a long cardigan
  • remember that buttoned-down shirts always look good
  • attempt to wear statement heels but if I can’t, then just wear statement sneakers or slides
  • don’t worry about my hair, it’s fine
  • add a giant bag as an accessory
  • have fun mixing and not-matching

P.S. After you have absorbed this style inspo for the day you need go and watch this other Rachel Comey video. It is beyond. It features Dan Stevens (that handsome blond actor that left Downton Abbey in like season 4) as a cross-dressing-stay-at-home-dad. It is a #mustsee. The cultural references are hysterical and on point.

The images above (and more) are on my Advanced Style Pinterest Board.