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“The * of Love” installation views at Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna, 2015

It’s been a long time since I’ve played around in WordPress. I decided it was time to change my blog theme and learn a few new tricks that will help me when I teach WordPress blogging at the library. My blogsite will be under construction for while. Please excuse the mess.

I’m not teaching Intro to Blogging at the library in October but I probably will in November. Follow me and/or the library on twitter to be alerted about computer class schedules. If you want individual lessons, email me and we’ll figure something out.

Consignment Frames @ Eyelook Optical – Portsmouth, NH

A quick post to let Seacoast locals know that Eyelook Optical in Portsmouth, NH now sells eyeglass frames on consignment.


I am so happy to help spread the word about another option for recycling goods on the Seacoast. If you are an existing customer of Eye Look Optical you may bring in your gently worn frames/sunglasses for consignment. They will professionally clean the frames, remove the lenses, and determine a sale price. After six months, if your frames do not sell, you are given the option to either reduce the sale price, take them back, or donate them to the Lions Club.

As is noted above, you can get store credit or cash if your frames are sold. Eyelook Optical donates their share of the sale to support ALS research.

The shop owner told me that sales of the used frames have been good. I’m not surprised. It’s a great way to save money and get a quality pair of glasses. I brought in 5 of my old frames today. Two of my frames are shown above. To learn more about Eyelook Optical visit their Facebook page.


Looking to the Older Kids

Have you ever seen this video of Rachel Comey on the New York Times website? You need to watch it. I saw it a while ago and I keep remembering how, when she was a kid growing up in Connecticut, she looked up to the teenagers that lived next store. In a funny way I feel like I am doing something similar. I’m looking up to older women for style inspiration.

If you do a search for style for women over 40 in Pinterest you get some pretty boring stuff. I wasn’t finding anything that resonated with me so I kept searching. I started finding older women that were really having fun with fashion. Your mind is probably going directly to Iris Apfel and Advanced Style, but I have to say that isn’t what is inspiring me. I appreciate that over-the-top style, but it isn’t me. Also, I’m a working mom. I need a somewhat sensible wardrobe.

No, lately, I’m inspired by one woman in particular, and I’ve been stalking her on the internet ever since I first learned about her.

Meet Lucinda Chambers. She is the fashion director at British Vogue. What I love about her style is that she looks chic, confident, and comfortable. She looks like she is having fun with fashion in her own unique way. And she is aging with style and grace.


From her ensembles above I am inspired to:

  • look for pencil skirts that have a bold pattern
  • wear a belt over a long cardigan
  • remember that buttoned-down shirts always look good
  • attempt to wear statement heels but if I can’t, then just wear statement sneakers or slides
  • don’t worry about my hair, it’s fine
  • add a giant bag as an accessory
  • have fun mixing and not-matching

P.S. After you have absorbed this style inspo for the day you need go and watch this other Rachel Comey video. It is beyond. It features Dan Stevens (that handsome blond actor that left Downton Abbey in like season 4) as a cross-dressing-stay-at-home-dad. It is a #mustsee. The cultural references are hysterical and on point.

The images above (and more) are on my Advanced Style Pinterest Board.

2015 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalists

I continue to be obsessed with the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. I love learning about new talent. Last year when the finalists were announced I gathered together links and videos for each of the finalists on my blog. The finalists for 2015 were just recently announced and so, here again, I have gathered links and videos for each of the finalists. Enjoy!

Scott Studenberg and John Targon of Baja East.

Matt Baldwin of Baldwin

Aurora James of Brother Vellies

Brad Schmidt and Raul Arevalo of Cadet
Click on the image below to be taken to a video about CADET.
Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.24.49 PM

Chris Gelinas of CG

Becca McCharen of Chromat

David Hart

Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport

Jonathan Simkhai

Thaddeus O’Neil

It’s funny how many of them are men’s clothing designers. Right?

My top three four favorites are:

1. Chromat
2. David Hart
3. Thaddeus O’Neil
4. Aurora James of Brother Vellies

Which ones are your favorites? Some of the videos I selected don’t really do the designers justice. You can learn more about them by clicking over to their website.

To see video clips of the 2014 Fashion Fund process click here.

xo jam


I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a year. I keep putting it off because I don’t have a solution to share. I’m blogging about it now with the hope that maybe someone else will be inspired to come up with a solution, or maybe we can come up with a solution together. It all started when I saw the video below.

We’ve all heard about the problem of plastics in the oceans but this video really shows the scale of the problem. It’s hard to watch. As an individual, the problem feels overwhelming. How could I do anything to help?

I am as guilty as anyone for using plastics on a daily basis. I try to do my part to limit my use. I started to notice how often I was throwing away dental floss containers. I thought — this could be a plastic habit I could break! I could just buy bulk dental floss. I did some research online but didn’t find much. I did find a bulk dental floss supplier out of Canada called Oralgem. It’s great that Oralgem offers this product but as you can see from the image below it is geared towards businesses and dental professionals. I want a solution I can use in my home.

ifloss-dispenser1While I was thinking about bulk dental floss dispensers, I was noticing the trend of using mason jars for just about everything. I already owned a couple of Cuppow lids. I thought — Why not combine the two? — Make a dental floss dispenser using a mason jar! All that is needed is a lid with one hole to allow the floss to come out and that little curved lip on which to cut the floss. Sounds easy right?

After many attempts to create something I finally gave up. What I imagined in my head was a super cool, minimalist, hipster, dental floss dispenser. I imagined a white ball of floss in a classic mason jar. I though it would look sculptural. Instead, what I have is a pair of scissors sticking out of a mason jar in my bathroom.

bulk dental floss dispenserI reached out to both Cuppow and Oralgem. They were hugely supportive of the idea. Each of them even gave me free stuff to play with to see if I could engineer something myself.

This idea needs a champion, or two. Do you have an idea how to create a lid in such a way that others could duplicate it using household tools? Would you pay for bulk floss? It costs $49.00 for 437 yards of dental floss from Oralgem. I was told that we use 18 inches of floss at a time. That calculates to 1,212 pieces of floss per roll. There are four people in my house. That’s a lot of dental floss dispensers to throw out every year.

If someone made this product I would buy it. Would you?

I know that this is a tiny solution to a huge problem, but I think it can’t hurt to make people aware, and to encourage each other to change our habits.

Questions? Email me at

UPDATE – Oralgem graciously shared this post to get the word out. Also, they let me know they do offer a smaller home dispenser called Pearl. You can learn more about it here.