Holiday Inspiration

Here is some inspiration for a simple and creative holiday. For more inspiration, and links to image sources, click over to my Holidays Pinterest board.

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Yohji Yamamoto Dress Pants

You know when you go shopping in an out-of-town thrift store and you decide not to buy a special vintage piece for whatever reason and then you can’t stop thinking about it?  That is how I feel about these Yohji Yamamoto pants except I’ve only seen them on Instagram and I could never actually afford them. I just keep going back to this video clip to stare and appreciate them. Press play and watch them move.

Even though these are designer pants I feel like I could wear them to work at the library. I’d wear a pressed white button-up shirt, Doc Martens or brogues, and an orange lip. Done.
Not that I care about transitioning from work to evening, but these would totally do that. Add heels and a jacket worn over the shoulders. Done again!

The long half skirt, to me, seems to be a reaction to people’s openness to gender fluidity. The word “unisex” doesn’t feel like the right way to describe them. When I think of unisex I think of something neutral — something that doesn’t reference either gender. These dress pants reference and celebrate both.

The half skirt also makes me think of long peplums on 1940s dresses and suits. Like this dress below from 1st Dibs. If you Google 1940s long peplum dresses you’ll see lots of examples.

1st dibs 1940s lace and silk
1940’s Chantilly-Lace & Silk Sheer-Illusion Peplum Hourglass Cocktail Dress on 1st Dibs

That is all. I just wanted to share my appreciation for Yohji Yamamoto’s design. It is an example of what is right in the world. IMHO xo jam

Rubbish to Runway

Last night I attended the annual Rubbish to Runway event in Salisbury, Massachusetts and I’m so glad I did. It was a lovely, family-friendly, community event, with little girls, dads, and seniors strutting the runway. The event is a fundraiser for a remarkable organization called Long Way Home.

Long Way Home is dedicated to bringing a more prosperous and sustainable future to the community of San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala where our students can walk a path of civic connection and economic success. We educate in a freethinking, democratically ordered educational system that attends to the whole child. Graduates become self-directed and self-sustaining community members.

It was a challenge to take good photos of the models  (for me anyway) on the runway because the room was so dark but I did manage to sneak backstage and get some close-up shots.

This lovely young woman modeled a crochet dress made of plastic bags.
This 71-year-old firecracker wore a dress made out of packaging material. Note the jelly heels!


I absolutely adored this fabulous young woman and her upcycled gown. She was totally game to make the best of the situation for our impromptu fashion shoot. We walked down the backstage hallway until we came upon this orange ladder. A perfect accent to her gown. Magnifique!

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xo jam